Greek Culture Essay

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Imagine hundreds of huge muscular men, with sweat dripping down their brown, leathery backs, as they test their strengths and skills. Thousands of years ago, the Greeks started a series of competitions that they are now famous for creating, called the Olympics. At these events Greek food , customs, courtesies, and history showed off some of the best that Greek culture and region has to offer.

To start, food is an extremely important part of Greek culture, as well as the region, because it affects everyday life. As in every culture, knowing the food eaten can help you understand the affects it has on the culture and sometimes even the region. For example, the main foods eaten in Greece are seafoods, lamb, cheeses, and olives. By studying
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All of these foods give insight to the Grecian culture and the region.

When getting to any location many things will help travelers not to seem rude or offend any locals. By knowing about their customs and greetings; travelers can avoid common mistakes. No matter what culture it’s very important to know how to address someone properly. Unlike some cultures Greeks express themselves more physically than vocally. Friends and relatives will hug and kiss; Where men will slap each others backs and shoulders. ProQuest claims, “In urban areas, people do not greet strangers,they pass on the street. Villagers briefly greet passing strangers in rural areas. When getting on an elevator, one usually nods at the others present and might give a short general greeting,”(3). Being that Greeks communicate so physically it’s important to know how to understand and express yourself by using the proper gestures. For example by tilting your head backwards indicates “no,”. Another confusing communication is the smile. Americans smile when they are happy, where Greeks smile when they are happy, sad, or upset. Also you should avoid pointing this out, it may come off as insulting and often will be seen as a threat. Don’t worry about their hospitality either. Greeks believe that a stranger might be a God in disguise and will make a point to be kind to all strangers. If someone blows air through their lips while keeping them

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