Essay about Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

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In today’s society, there are many who believe that humans have an innate sense of virtue and morality. They are confident that all human beings are born with a perception of what is right and what is wrong. However, there are others who take the traditional biblical stance, in which it is simply human nature to be sinful. In Gulliver’s Travels, the author, Jonathan Swift shows a strong inclination towards the latter thought: that all people are inherently evil. His disposition can easily be seen through his novel’s outlandish narratives that satire the corruptions of humanity. He puts the main character, Lemuel Gulliver, through four distinct journeys, which all inadvertently reveal vices in human society. In Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s …show more content…
Most kings in the world’s history were tyrants or bad rulers, but even more often, the nobility that supported them was dreaded by the people. They were much worse than the king himself. “I was surprised to find corruption grown so high and so quick in that empire, by the force of luxury so lately introduced; which made me less wonder at many parallel cases in other countries, where vices of all kinds have reigned so much longer,” (Swift 184). When Gulliver reflects on the Roman Empire, he realizes that the current British Empire’s feats are very similar to that of Rome’s. There was a great influx of corruption in the Roman Empire once they gained wealth and power. The same has already begun to happen in England, and it will only become worse.
“This diversion is only practiced by those persons who are candidates for great employments, and high favour at court. They are trained in this art from their youth, and are not always of noble birth, or liberal education. When a great office is vacant, either by death or disgrace (which often happens,) five or six of those candidates petition the emperor to entertain his majesty and the court with a dance on the rope; and whoever jumps the highest, without falling, succeeds in the office,” (Swift 27). This passage demonstrates the role of inept politics in story. To get government positions, the Lilliputians only compete in a test of athleticism. This is an absurd way to find the

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