Essay on Gymnastics Athletic Injuries

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The sheer energy of a gymnast alone can be felt by audiences of all ages, but what the spectators lack the ability to feel is the pounding of the bodies that bear the impact of the athletes in action. Gymnastics consists of a mixture of acrobatic performances of four different events for females, and six different events for males (Gianoulis 1). Gymnastics is demanding in a multitude of ways, including: physically, emotionally and mentally. It requires countless hours of dedication. The concerns of most gymnasts are moving up to the next level, or getting a more advanced skill, while the concerns of the doctors, coaches, and parents revolve mostly around the athlete’s health, which is put at stake for the adored yet dangerous sport. …show more content…
Gymnastics is a weight bearing sport, which builds healthy bones .Not only are healthy bones developed but also flexibility in the muscles. A gymnast must be constantly working towards more advanced flexibility to enable their ability to exhibit flips, jumps, turns, twists, and releases. Increased flexibility prevents injury inside, or outside the gym where the athlete practices (What are the Health Benefits 2). According to, “Participation in gymnastics can help maintain a healthy body, which is key to preventing numerous health ailments. Conditions include asthma, cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Being involved in gymnastics helps encourage a healthy lifestyle, including regular physical activity and eating a well-balanced diet. Gymnastics helps promote a healthy, heart, lungs, muscles, and bones” (What are the Health Benefits 1). A gymnast demonstrates exemplary health benefits, but also suffers the consequences of committing to such a demanding sport. Contrary to some sports, every inch of gymnasts are put to work, especially their upper body, as they perform and practice. Wrist, shoulder, and elbow injuries occur often due to the gymnast’s upper body being a weight bearing joint (Prevention and Treatment 1). Some of the most frequently used parts of the body are the wrists, which in gymnastics, are subjected to impact twice the body weight of the athlete (Prevention and Treatment 1). Wrist sprains

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