Healthcare Reform Essay

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The health care reform will greatly affect the medical technology industry in both positive and negative ways. Although the healthcare reform supports greater emphasis being placed on prevention and preserving wellness, which broaden the field for the development of medical technology industry, it also could have negative effects on research, profits, and investments as the medical device excise tax is authorized. The demand for products can be rises as coverage is expanded, but the demand also be reduce due to the price pressure put on the manufacture companies. Since the government has the healthcare field price-controlled, the innovations and access are possibly limited as the result.
Some positive effects of the reform on the
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For example, ventilators and catheters are equipped to prevent infections, and there is also “spur sales of diagnostic tests that provide rapid identification of contagious infections like methicillin-resistant staphylococcus (MRSA), which can spread quickly in hospitals.” [2] As the ACA also put wellness and preventive services on checking to improving population health, these features offer “clear market opportunities for in vitro diagnostic tests and imaging studies used for screening.” [2]
Moreover, one of the most important themes of healthcare reform is the comparative effectiveness research (CER). CER has been suggested as a part of the strategy in healthcare reform for improving outcomes and helping to reduce the growth in costs. The clinical therapies, diagnosis tests, observational studies all need the assistance of medical technology to providing superior clinical solutions, thus it is really matter if the medical materials they obtain are comparatively effective. As the CER suggests “new product will not be accepted in the medical market place unless it is also proven to be superior to currently available therapies or diagnostic devices” [1], pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers thus are forced to “to devote more of their resources to the discovery of true break-throughs.” As the result of the CER, some products will lose customers unavoidably, while others will gain the market share and effectively

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