Henry Ford: An American Icon Essay

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Henry Ford: An American Icon

It takes a very brave person to take a leader role and make the world a better place. Ford treated each and every one of his workers with respect. In return, the workers gave Ford all they had and one-hundred percent on anything and everything they did. Henry Ford did not just step up and make himself look good, he helped the country and even the entire world by chasing his dreams. Even from a young age, he set out to do something great, and thats what he did. Henry Ford was a man with a dream, without his determination and willpower, the automotive industry wouldn't be where it is today. It takes a very brave and courageous person to step up and take a leadership role, and also make the world a better
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(Young Henry) Henry usually used his own tools he modified or made to repair these types of things At first before he was famous, he worked at a sawmill to support himself. (Rosenberg)
In 1891, Henry returned to Detroit with Clara and from there Henry got hired as an engineer for Edison illuminating company. As Henry worked there longer and longer, the company of Edison Illuminating came very quickly to realize that Henry was something special, they eventually promoted him as chief engineer. (People and Discoveries) Henrys hard work was paying off.
At age 36, Henry began inventing the first automobile, the horseless carriage. It did not look like the sturdiest or fanciest of the day, but back then it was a great invention that led to bigger and better things. The horseless carriage, sometimes referred to as the quadricycle, consisted of a steel frame with no body attached to the car. the dash was consisted of wood, and the only seat on the car was a bench seat and almost looked like a toolbox in a way. The fabric or upholstery was a dark green color with curved metal arms on the side. On the front of the dash, there an electric bell that was a very similar set-up to todays modern horn. On the side of the quadricycle, it has a bicycle light to provide sight at night. (Henry Ford) Ford didn't have other people or companies come up with the blueprints or ideas, he did this all by himself, through trial and error. He made money off certain

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