History and Practices of the Amish Religion Essay

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The Amish Religion
History of the Religion Developed from the Radical Reformation in the 1300’s, a group was formed called the Anabaptists. These Anabaptists were a joint group between the Mennonites, the Hutterites, and the Amish. The Amish people came from a split in the Swiss Mennonites in 1693 when a man named Jacob Amman and his supporters left their church to begin their own. Jacob Amman was born in Switzerland as an Anabaptist in 1644, and is considered the founder of the Amish religion. Most of the Amish communities began from places like Switzerland, Alsace, Russia, Holland, and Germany. Although in today’s world, there are no Amish people living in Europe any longer. This is because in the 1700’s,
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There were 53 prisoners held at a castle in Passau, Germany who created the main hymns of the book. They made theses songs from already known things like the Lord’s Prayer, Old Testament Psalms, and the Sermon on the Mount. Since it was first created, it has continuously been expanding as they add more songs into it. The Ausbund hymnbook is actually the oldest songbook in the world that is still being used today. The most known hymn in the Ausbund is called Das Loblied, or the “Hymn of Praise”. It is hymn #131 and is always the second hymn sung during church, this is because all the Amish churches can sing this same song together even though they may not be near one another.
Beliefs and Practices The Amish beliefs are basically the same as the Mennonites and other reformer groups. They believe in the bible along with the idea that you should try to be free from sin after your baptism. The Amish are different from Mennonites because of their beliefs on humility, family, community, and separation from the rest of the world. The main Amish practices are the Hochmut, which is pride, arrogance, and being superior over everyone else, the Demut, which means humility, and Gelassenheit, which means calmness. These are to make you a self-promoting man of God, along with the idea you will do anything God asks of you.

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