Hourly Nursing Rounds to Decrease Patient Falls Essay

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Patients are falling in hospitals and nursing homes on a regular basis. The number of falls per hospital has caused injury and death to some, and has cost hospitals a lot of money. Patients feel like nurses have a lot of work to do, and tend not to bother them when they want to go to the bathroom, which is the reasoning behind why many patients are falling out of bed. Many believe that falls should not happen in hospitals, and many insurance companies are no longer willing to cover the costs associated with patients falling. Therefore, many hospitals have looked for ways to implement interventions that will reduce the number of falls, because it is something that can be prevented to begin with. The articles that I have chosen for …show more content…
Therefore, it is important to consider hourly rounding in hospitals to decrease the number of falls that are occurring, as patient safety is very important since it ultimately poses the outcome of whether or not patients were satisfied during their stay.
Interventions have been implemented in many health care facilities to reduce the number of falls, but one that has shown a decrease in falls along with patient satisfaction and a decrease in use of the call light has been researched and implemented in many hospitals. One study mentioned that, “A patient’s perception of the quality of nursing care largely depends on the nurse’s ability to meet the patient’s needs” (Meade, Bursell, & Ketelsen, 2006). The healthcare staff, particularly the nurses were required to make hourly rounds to patient’s rooms. One study focused on a control and experimental group where they compared it to having no hourly rounding to one hour rounding, and two hour rounding. Ultimately the study found that a significant reduction in the number of falls occurred with the one-hour rounding, but was seen in both experimental groups. In fact, prior to the four weeks of rounding there were 25 falls that occurred, but after the hourly rounding was implemented for four weeks, only 12 falls occurred. During these rounds, the nursing staff in this study was required to do 12 things while they were doing their hourly and two hourly

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