House, M.D. Essay

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Since the turn of the twenty-first century, many societal changes have taken place. Old fashion tendencies have become irrelevant and societal boundaries are nonexistent. Cultural advancements such as women’s rights, gay marriage, abortion, and other controversial issues are now accepted among most members of society. As old-fashion boundaries are falling from beneath our feet in today’s progressing society, man struggles with determining his identity as an individual and as a group. The television series, “House, M.D.,” serves as a dilemma in which the detective, Gregory House, struggles with determining his conclusions about society and the nature of man. The show itself stems from the roots of the detective fiction genre. Traditional …show more content…
House is often considered to be sociopathic and narcissistic; he criticizes social etiquette for lack of rational purpose and usefulness, he is equipped with a dry, acerbic, almost cruel sense of humor, and often lacks emotions such as joy and empathy. This lack of understanding is what drives him to question human nature, allowing viewers to then walk with Dr. House through his findings and conclusions. “House, M.D.,” stems from a very old line of themes which lead all the way back to detective fiction. “House, M.D.,” shows evidence of its origin from detective fiction through use of the themes such as the all-knowing detective, the Holmes and Watson relationship, and the person/persons who are not as smart as the detective and are used to highlight his characteristics. The creators of Gregory House created an obvious relation back to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character, Sherlock Holmes. Not only are their names similar, but they both also struggle with drug addiction, are arrogant about their deductive abilities and even have the same apartment number. Holmes’ loyal friend is Watson; House’s loyal friend is Wilson. In early detective fiction, police forces were often shown to be rather unintelligent when compared to the detective. Their lack of ability to solve the case exemplified the detective’s abilities of deduction. House’s team serves this same purpose in that each member of the team has different personality flaws

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