How are the Female Characters Presented in the stories Country Lovers

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How are the Female Characters Presented in the stories Country Lovers and Veronica

The black girl Thebedi is one of the main characters in the story
"Country Lovers” She lives in South Africa under the apartheid which was a system of government which involved a segregation act between whites and blacks, so she hasn't as much rights as whites do, because of this she is restricted and hampered by her culture.

The Educational system started with both white and black children in primary education where they spoke local dialect and then after that the white children went to secondary education where they learnt
Standard English and the blacks went to work and learnt the language of authority. There was also at the time an
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Paulus never stops loving Thebedi. Even though he engages sexual intercourse with a white girl at a party, he never stops loving Thebedi. Next time he comes home for the holidays, he and
Thebedi meet at the riverbed. Without having planned it, they both manage to get away so they can meet. Paulus tells her stories, and
Thebedi listens very carefully. They start making love, and they have a different relationship she no longer asks questions “She did not ask questions any longer” and he told her each time they would meet again.
I think he is using her and is ashamed as he doesn’t talk any more and just has sex.

Later in the story Njabulo as asks Thebedi’s Father For her hand in marriage. Njabulo’s parents meet with Thebedi’s parents to pay for
Thebedi. This is something, which only the black people do.

Paulus is accused of murdering the child there is a court case against him. At the preparatory examination Thebedi cried hysterically and then it says in brackets “the guilt hoop ear rings swung in her ears”
I think this is symbolism as the guilt hoop ear rings were given to her by Paulus and she still had feelings for him. A year later the case took place and Thebedi Had a new baby “She came to court with a new born baby on her back” this shows that she has moved on and doesn’t care about Paulus anymore. She also wears the earrings

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