How Do you See Marilyn Monroe? Essay

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an All American Icon, a Hero, and a Legend.
How do you see Marilyn Monroe? A fake? A whore? An inspiration, or even a hero? How much do you really know about her?
First lets start with some background information. Marilyn Monroe’s birth name is Norma Jean Baker, She is most known for being a major sex symbol, an actress, singer, and model. Why do I think she’s heroic? Above everything, her childhood was a nightmare, and she was still a very strong woman, but ill get to that later.

Marilyn Monroe is a genuinely strong, independent, beautiful women who had to withstand more than most, and she still smiled and didn't let that affect her and she didn't let anything affect who she was. She was true to herself despite people judging her, she
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The first person to adopted Monroe was her mother’s best friend, but later had to be taken because her husband sexualy abused Monroe by “whipping her for touching a bad part of her body.”(the vigilant citizen) In another home the husband named Mr.Kimmel asked her to come into a room and he locked the door and as Marilyn Monroe screamed he had his way with her(the vigilant citizen). She tried to tell but she was punished for “lying”. Monroe would cry at night and have nervous breakdowns. When she went to her Aunt’s house to live, one of her sons abused Marilyn Monroe, and when she was two years old she was nearly smothered to death. Monroe had a very rough childhood and she never truly had a home as a child, she kept moving all over the place. Some of the jobs Marilyn Monroe had when she was nine the orphanage gave her ten sense a month for working in the kitchen and then would take a penny every Sunday for church. At age sixteen, she worked in an aircraft plant with her twenty one year old husband which she divorced four years later. But when he went into the marines she became a model, and at age 18 she became a stripper under the name Mona(The vigilant citizen) and was playboys first sweetheart(Yvonne). Finally in 1946 she converted to an actress and a singer(The vigilant citizen). She also eloped with DiMaggio a union that lasted eight months(The vigilant citizen). Then she married Arthur Miller divorcing four years later(The vigilant

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