How does Steinbeck in Of Mice and Men portray the position of women

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How does Steinbeck in Of Mice and Men portray the position of women in 1930's America?

'Of Mice & Men' by John Steinbeck is set during the depression and highlights the extreme economical and social problems through each character. We see them all aspire to live the 'American Dream', while in pursuit for this life disregard one another and do not acknowledge the importance of friendship, in the world of isolation. Loneliness and dreams are recurring themes through out the novel. Curley' s wife is a key figure with in the novel. On a social level she embodies the position of women during the depression and the way in which their emotions had been ignored.

George and Lennie are warned of her by candy when they first reach the
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She is aware that Curly is not in the barn, and even more aware that they are new ranchers. When she hears that Curly is looking for her she becomes "suddenly apprehensive".

She is aware of her appeal and enjoys the attention she is getting from Lennie.

When she leaves, Lennie seems to have been transfixed by her presence,
George however is almost to aware that she is a potential threat, he begins to call her a "bitch" "jailbait" and even "poison".

Before we are re-joined with Curley's wife we hear the same names
George called her,from the other ranchers. We begin to have a more unfavourable attitude towards her; she makes us question her morals.
We hear her being called the same name as Candy's dog, which is significant considering the dog has been given a name yet Curley's wife hasn't.

This stresses on the theme of loneliness; Curley's wife begins to reflect the rancher's loneliness. Before Curley's wife's entrance, it opens in the harness room of the barn where crooks sleeps. We see him put down his guards and begin to open up to Lennie, his self-esteem grows and in the process is drawn into the dream of companionship and a better life. Yet this is destroyed by the interruption of Curley's wife. Curly seems to have abandoned his wife while visiting a brothel with the other ranchers. We question why curly who has a wife at home needs to go to a brothel?. We than

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