How Slavery Replaced Indentured Servitude Essay

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There are many aspects contributing to the rise of slavery and decline of indentured servitude. The beginning of slavery started when Columbus invaded Hispaniola and enslaved the Arawaks . This was the first time people thought to enslave people against their will for labor. Hard labor and diseases nearly killed off their race, essentially concluding that they were no longer available candidates for labor. Indentured servitude was used as bait to lure people into enslavement and eventually began to fade due to multiple historical events, such as The Bacon Rebellion . African Americans became an easy target because they were less prone to diseases and their bodies were capable of such intense and difficult labor. As slavery began to rise …show more content…
This was the first time African Americans were thought of for labor.
Slavery was not always about race or skin color. The main objective was to get the most labor done quickly and as cheap as possible. The main objective became to get the most labor done quickly and as cheap as possible and to discipline African Americans. Africans became a prime target because their skin color did not allow them to escape since they would easily stand out. It was very difficult for them to runaway because they would have to have private communities to hide out in, in order to remain hidden, called maroons . Their bodies were built to undergo large quantities of manual labor, which was very ideal. They also had stronger immune systems than the Arawaks and other people who were previously enslaved. These traits made African Americans prime targets for slaves.
As slaves were often expensive, only select people were able to buy them and as a result they were not economical. Many people did not want to spend money on slaves because their life expectancy was impossible to predict. People did not see the value of spending a large sum of cash on a slave that might die in a few years. If a slave would die in less than five years, it would not be worth it to spend the money and would be wasteful. It was not common for a slave to last more than five years, whether they escaped or whether their immune systems could not keep up with the harsh living conditions

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