How To Be One Out-Standing Computer Engineer Essay

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In this day and age, during the development of science, A huge number of technical talents are required, especially some electrical out-standing engineers. These groups of people walk in front of the science and know cutting edge technology. Actually, the requirements of high-quality technical engineers from society were increasing from 1976. The research from NSF(National Science Foundation), STPCS(Science Technical Personnel Characteristics System) and other government agencies and private organizations. The rate of employment of Scientists and Engineers such as computer science had about 20% growth which was very high.(The National Science Foundation). In order to be suit with this trend, the essential skills like good mind of …show more content…
As people know, under the effect from examination-oriented education system, more and more students lose the ability of creating things. Most of them just know how to figure out problems in the examination and get excellent record from school. They ignore the creative skills that need to be fostered from childhood. As an old Chinese saying goes:” Reading book is just the way to inspire people to think. If people just read but not think, they are also illiteracy”. As one computer or electrical engineering student, he or she needs to be proficient in at least two computer language. The basic languages such as python,C,C++ and etc, these kinds of languages need students have high ability of creating. In the filed of Computer Engineering, Python could be the first language students will meet in CSE-231 class. Python is developed under an OSI-approved open source license which allows people could use it freely and distributable even for the commercial use.( Students could use python to do what they want such as create one program which could search all the books in the library or calculate if transform American Gross National Product to one dollars note, the total length could travel how many times from Earth to eight-planets. It sounds very interesting, but I noticed that it would be little hard for the students who do not have one clear and logical mind. For instance, If the students want to create the library

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