Essay on How Toy Story Helps Children Navigate Technology

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Technology is rapidly growing “to infinity and beyond” from games to cars, modern technology fully encompasses our daily lives leaving society helpless without it. In the early 90’s, society knows little of how much this new technology eventually influences their children’s lives, so parents portray outwardly no problems with having companies heavily advertising new electronic products to children. The results change the world. Now, technology intertwines with the fast-paced lives of the society, leaving some frustrated parents finding it difficult on ways to teach their children to balance both modern technology and manual labor. Wisely, parents start to rely on the first thing that originally got them into them mess - the magical world …show more content…
During a montage, the viewer witnesses countless times Andy choosing Buzz over Woody; Andy pays more attention to Buzz and puts aside his old toys. By doing this, Toy Story transgresses how children are push asides from their hula-hoops and jump ropes for computers and electrical toys; thus capitalizing on the boom of technology during 1995 when people starting going towards more advanced technology and computers became more affordable. The computer age needs to inspire a new generation, so what better generation than the youth? Toy Story advertises electronically products to children and familiar them with the new technology uses in toys. Watching this famous animation motivates children to go after these toys, get familiar with the computer technology on their games, and expect future toys and games with this technology. In addition, we see the Buzz Lightyear commercial telling children to go out and buy your Buzz Lightyear inferring that these toys are better than your manual old toys. As O’Neill points, “Advertisers make use of a variety of techniques and devices to engage us in the delivery of their messages” (O’Neill 150). The most effective way of advertising for children is thorough the cartoons they watch; they watch their favorite cartoons over and over, and children do not pay attention to any other media as much

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