Human Impact on Ocean Productivity Essays

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Oceans flourish through increased productivity, still, potential exhaustion though extinction is casting out a possible “tragedy of commons”, hook, line, and sinker. From thriving to potential empty oceans; the environmental and human impact on our oceans remains extensive, with over one-half of the world’s fish populations being exploited, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Additionally, the expected depletion of our ocean species according to scientists within a 2006 scientific journal, predict the total collapse of all oceanic species by the year 2048 (Withgott & Laposata, 2012). Oceanic productivity may have potential toward recovery by assigning no-fish zones and marine reserves. The capability …show more content…
Therefore, traditional fishery management does prevent overfishing which include catch-and-release-only for certain species, as well as various other solutions implemented as “no-fishing” zones. Consequently, the major problem with fishery management is politics, and this does not accomplish anything. In addition, along with commercial fishing lobbyists it makes management restrictions not strict enough; they are being challenged in the court systems. However, the catch-and-release system is being used to stop overfishing, and it seems to be the only effective solution verses utilizing marine reserves” (Withgott, Laposata & Leech, 2008).
When the loud beeping of the fish-finder sounds, the anglers may drop their anchor; cast the line and reel-it-in; anglers know what areas to fish, and the abundance of the potential catch; they utilize tides, the time of day, and the currents. However, the weather, in combination of the time of the tides and currents may also have an effect on the patterns the fish run. Over-fishing may occur, which may depend on what species of fish that is being sought, and where the fishing areas are abundant, and subsequently, if the area is over-fished, which accounts to an increase in the loss of species. Some types of fishing and locations where ocean species loss occurs include: deep sea fishing, and using trawling-- which is done using multiple

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