Essay on Human Resource Challenges of the 21st Century

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The traditional administrative role of human resource practices are a thing of the past and new roles for HRM are emerging at an alarming rate in the 21st century. HR is increasing its support for business goals and objectives while at the same time becoming strategic business partners. Challenges for the 21st century include, changing roles, shifting demographics, and globalization. In order for HR to stay current they must adapt and make necessary changes in retraining, alternative work schedules and technological advancements. Then, these successes have to be analyzed and evaluated for effectiveness.

With the 21st century in motion human resource management will face some of the old struggles and HR
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Baby Boomers normally worked for a single organization their entire lives. Older employees on average exemplify amazing work ethics and show a remarkable amount of loyalty to their organization. The younger generations coming into the workforce, like Generation X and Y tend to change employees frequently, especially when the job does not incorporate work-life balance or development and learning opportunities.
Generation Xers are looking for freedom from supervision and individuality. Similarly, Generation Yers are seeking independence and employee empowerment. With Baby Boomers entering retirement and the younger generations entering the workforce it makes it difficult for human resource management to recruit and retain talented employees in the 21st century.

Globalization. As we enter into the 21st century global business is becoming more prevalent, causing globalization to be a leading challenge for human resource management. Globalization has brought nations from all over the world together into one community interconnected by advanced communications technology, the virtual office. This emphasizes the need to manage human resources effectively to gain a competitive advantage. Furthermore, as businesses cross multinational boundaries HRM will face challenges of managing people with different religious, cultural, and

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