Essay on Human Trafficking

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The social imagination is the most important tool sociologists can use to understand the world. The social imagination is used to help scientists understand why individuals live in certain ways by showing how they are explained by overall social and historical factors. There are many people in the world today that don’t have one basic privilege that everyone at Concordia has. That privilege is freedom. Human trafficking is modern day slavery. It is the illegal trade of selling human beings into labor or sexual exploitation through coercion, defraudation, or force. The worst human trafficking happens in Southeast Asia. According to the Xinhua News Agency, authorities in Myanmar (also known as Berma) uncovered 161 human trafficking …show more content…
A dwindling job market all over the world leads to people trying to find other ways to make money. One of those ways could be by turning to crime. Those people might join gangs or other groups that sell other humans for money. These people need money so they are getting it any way they can. Another way that poverty leads to human trafficking has to do with the actual people that are being trafficked. Most humans who become involved in trafficking are tricked into it. They are women or children who come from very poor families. Someone who is wealthy sees how poor they are and takes advantage of them. They offer the poor woman or child a job as a maid or a salesperson then take them away to some brothel or bar to work as a slave. There are also families where, if the family is poor enough and they have enough children, they will sell some of their younger children to get money to live. Government poverty also has an effect on human trafficking. When a government doesn’t have enough money; that government will make budget cuts. In a lot of countries, the government chooses to cut jobs that they pay people to do. Some of the jobs they cut are those of police officers. With less police officers on the streets, there are less people to keep criminals in line. With less people doing that, criminals and human traffickers can get away with pretty much anything they want. The other larger social factor that I found

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