Essay on Huntington’s Chorea

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This paper will research the genetic disease Huntington’s Chorea. This paper will look at the main causes of the disease, what the main effects/symptoms of the disease are, where the disease is mainly found, if there is any cure/ treatment for the disease, ands what research is going on about the disease. In the greek language, chorea means “to dance” (Huntington’s Chorea, 2007). This term help describe what a person with Huntington’s goes through. According to Huntington’s disease (n.d.), a person may experience a handful of symptoms before they actually experience motor problems and other symptoms. All the symptoms will be covered in this paper. This paper will look at all the items listed above, as well as delve deeper into the disease …show more content…
Huntington’s Disease is caused by a gene called HTT. Although humans know this gene exists, they do not know it’s full purpose. The HTT gene is located on the fourth chromosome on the small arm. They know the gene produces a protein called Huntington’s, which helps development before human birth. This protein is found in all the tissues of the human body, but with the most concentration found in the brain. The HTT has a DNA segment called the Cytosine, Adenine, and Guanine (CAG) repeat. The CAG segment comes up multiple times in a row. In normal human beings, the CAG segment is repeated ten to thirty-five times within the gene. But if a genetic mutation called CAG trinucleotide repeat expansion (CAGTRE) occurs, then the person gets Huntington’s disease (HTT, 2014).
Huntington’s Disease caused CAG to repeat thirty to one hundred and fifty times. This causes the proteins that are produced to be very long. Because of their length, the proteins all congregate together; and then the travel to the nucleus of the brain, where they prohibit the production of neurotransmitters. Due to the neurotransmitters not being produced, the body starts losing motor controls and control over other aspects, such as behaviour and mental issues. The more CAG in a segment of DNA, the earlier the disease will start taking its effect (Huntington’s chorea, 2007).
There are many symptoms involved with Huntington’s Disease. Even before the

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