Hurricane Sandy : A Center of Destruction Essay

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The annual season of devastation to coastal regions everywhere. Hurricanes cause destruction to human life, but, we are often quick to neglect each other, let alone local wild life. Hurricane Sandy caused demolition all around our shore region called the East Coast. Hurricanes are becoming more common, and even the animal protecting agency is neglecting the care of the environment. It is common to wonder how this has occurred and how a society built on power, and need, let the world crumble. The ecosystem surrounding the Sandy destruction sites, has been torn apart and in some areas forced to restart itself. Close to nothing has been done to focus on wild life rehabilitation. Something has to be done about this widespread issue. …show more content…
Continuing at the point, this was not just our battle to be fought. Just like we had to relocate after the storm, so did the whole community of wild civilization around us. In the field of the volunteer work that many have been involved in, such as Ameri-corps, they have taught its fieldworkers that mold is a very dangerous thing. Black mold is harmful to everyone and can damage the lungs of those who are in contact with it. Aiding this, the storm, due to personal connections to this information, have been made aware of by co-workers, that mold related illness was the worst in Ocean County. This means more animals are connected to our local statistics of illness related to the storm.

The U.S.E.P.A was made to help the environment, hence the acronym United States Environmental Protection Agency. They have been “working to help prevent hazardous waste from being disposed of improperly” (“Frequent Questions” 1). And supposedly, according to the Frequent Questions page on the E.P.A.'s website, “In support of FEMA and working closely with federal agencies, states, tribes and municipalities, EPA has been working to help prevent hazardous waste from being disposed of improperly”(qtd in“Frequent Questions” 1). Recently stated in 2012, is a fraction of their very important job, and with FEMA, doing a lot of the funding, have gotten to a point of no return and can't seem to find more jobs besides those related to human populations. But, without that being said, they

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