I am legend essay

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October 24th 2012
Lewis Peck

Alienation in I am Legend

One of the main themes of I am Legend is alienation, it is hard to imagine someone who is more alienated than Robert Neville. He is a normal American man, or at least he was until the world changed around him. Simply by being immune to the virus, he becomes first alone (when his family dies, “life shuddered to a halt.”), then a criminal (when he decides not to bury her. “No he wouldn't put her there.”), then the target of frenzied attacks (as the vampires try to kill him, “they came at night with their guns.”), and finally the only remnant of humanity left alive after the world has been brutally extorted of it's living people. Some of the techniques Matheson uses are
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However at the end of chapter thirteen it is clear that with his hopes dashed, as “the dog was dead”, his delusion is that the dog will “be all better soon.” This alone proves Neville to be an unreliable narrator as, if thinking logically, he would know that the dog will die but his mind refuses and provides itself with it's own reality that he can somehow cure the dog; whilst he had failed to do so with humans. However Neville's mind only forces him to believe the dog will be okay because without it he will be more alone than he was before, he will feel more isolated due to the belief that the dog has left him as everyone else had. In the closing chapters of the book, Neville is no longer just isolated or alienated from the dog, as the new society is formed and as normalcy is a majority concept he is then alienated from the vampire society due to their fear of him as “the last of the old race.” Without the use of alienation from Matheson, Neville would surely have gone insane by the ending of the book as he could not have become legend and would be in fear of death. Once resolved to the idea of death he thinks “I am Legend” not a legend but just legend, such as King Arthur and Camelot. This causes Neville to believe he will be remembered among some of the most well known legends, therefore without being separated from the main society of the vampires he would not believe that he was legendary and would not be resolved to his death. So is it better that he was

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