Essay about Immigration Laws in Alabama

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America is often considered as “The Land of Diversity". Somehow Alabama's Immigration laws are stricter than many other states as far as who qualifies to live, work and raise a family here, in the state of Alabama. The immigration laws and statutes across the United States should combine policies and have the same clauses and articles to have one immigration policy to cover all the states. Immigration bring many types of awareness into a society; improvements in the education system, a healthy social and cultural lifestyle, and increase the economy when we embrace the differences.
Over the past hundred years, people migrate to the United States from their home country to improve their lifestyle and the lifestyle of their families.
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If we invest time in our preschool, middle and secondary schools towards the academic and sports programs, we can improve our children's programs to critical levels for competition. Refining skills and techniques on a continuous basis often produces confident world cup competitors’ level and Olympics style event credentials. Studies also show that immigrant children need the same educational and emotional needs that native children deserve (Vallejo). Furthermore, by investing in the Alabama's medical research and music programs we would become unstoppable.
Our social and cultural awareness today brings third world habits in the forefront with new and improved technology quicker than ever. International art and culinary food recipes are at our fingertips whenever we need them on a computer twenty four hours a day. In today’s world, if Alabama's natives bring change to improve its cultural awareness it will also bring change to the third world mentality to build new networks for rich cultural experiences. If we can rethink about the past era of inequality and struggles that our forefathers worked for, the age we live in can benefit us all. As a civilized culture, we learn new things as we teach new things and our society’s growth can increase tenfold when we cooperate with each other to develop and exchange ideas that would benefit the

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