Indian Removal Act Essay

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Indian Removal Act From the time of Thomas Jefferson’s term as president the United States government was trying to encourage Indians to adapt to the ways of the white people living in the United States (Out of Many 280). Many groups of Indians refused to adapt to these ways causing them to be removed from their land in the East to land in the West (Out of Many 280). Some Indian tribes refused to move making the federal government sign treaties to remove Indians from their land which, opened up room for white settlers (Out of Many 280). In the Southwest five tribes remained, of which, the Cherokees were the most dominate in adapting to the ways of whites (Out of Many 280). In 1830 President Jackson convinced congress to pass an act to …show more content…
“First, California was admitted as a free state,” and the people living in Mexico got to decide by popular sovereignty whether it would become a free state or a slave state (Out of Many 383). This left “fifteen slave states and sixteen free states” (Out of Many 383). Secondly, Texas had to give up their land to New Mexico (Out of Many 383). Finally, slavery was ended in the District of Columbia and there was a stricter fugitive slave law that was enforced in all other states (Out of Many 383). People thought that the compromise had finally been achieved, but the Whigs and the Democrats were not willing to compromise (Out of Many 383). The compromise also stated that a slave that escaped into a free state should be returned back to its owner (Out of Many 383).
Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention The Seneca Falls convention was “the first convention for women’s equality in legal rights, held in upstate New York in 1848” (Out of Many 340). By the time this convention was being held women had been working actively in social reform for almost twenty years (Out of Many 346). The convention focused mainly on the discrimination of women (Out of Many 346). At the convention women turned to the Deceleration of Independence and especially the words “all men and women were created equal (Professor Fritz, Lecture 19). Women began to believe that they should have the same rights, if not more than men, because they were said to be

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