Essay about Institutional Reform in the European Union

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Making institutional reform in the EU will always be controversial. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my view on which institutional reform I find being essential to improve the function of the European Union.

The first institutional reform I would like to start with is to strengthen the European Parliament. The Parliament is the only institution where people within each member state directly elect members, which makes it the most democratic institution within the EU.

Supranational fiscal union is another reform I consider to be important for the European Union. The role of the fiscal union would be to avoid further crisis and building up a stronger framework around the financial system in the European Union.
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However the Treaty of the European Union introduced the right to request proposals from the Commission. And since the Lisbon Treaty the European Parliament has the co-decision power with the Council of Ministers. By extending the power I think the European Parliament should have a formal legislative role by initiative legislation with the Commission, but not only the option to propose legislation. I think that the European Parliament should have more powers and by having the legislative initiative would benefit the citizens of the EU.

Creation of a Fiscal Union
I believe that a supranational fiscal union is the next step, which the European Union should put in motion. Although the EU has fought the crisis quite well there are still things to overcome. Like I mentioned earlier the need for a stronger financial system and framework is greater than ever within the EU. The Eurozone crisis has questioned the power of the Economic and Monetary Union to fix the problems facing the European Union. The power should be strengthened to ensure economic and social welfare. The EMU should have more co-ordination and frameworks to overcome more problems or crisis. However member states tend to think more about their own interest rather than the interests of other countries in the EU, which increases the need for a stronger supranational fiscal union to avoid conflicts between member states. Without a

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