Interpretations and Meaning of Love Essay

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Interpretations and Meaning of Love

In this essay I will be writing about Love. I will be describing what love is and I will also give the Greek interpretations of love. I will state what the Bible says about love and what connections that has to racism and prejudice. I will summarise and give my opinion on love.

Love is when you take away the feeling the passion and the romance for a person and find out you still care for that person. The word love is used to describe a variety of things but they all fall under 4 aspects of love which the Greek’s introduced. These are:

Philia: A love for those close to family, our friends and us.

Agape: Unselfish love, loving people to whom we do not feel
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Matthew [chapter 5, verse 42 and 43]:

‘You have learnt how it was said: You must love your neighbour and hate your enemy. But I say love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you…’

The love shown here is Agape as it refers to someone we don’t know our neighbour.

Jesus taught people to forgive others, if they are doing something wrong you should try to lead them on the right path. This means that if every one loved their enemy’s there would be no violence and wars. Jesus said on ‘The Sermon on the mount’ (Matthew 5:11-12):

‘Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven…’

This means that you should pray for those who persecute you because they do not know they are doing you a favour, so you should return a favour by praying for their forgiveness.

Genesis [chapter1, verse 26 and 27]:

Then god said, ‘and now we will make human beings: They will be like us and resemble us…’. So god created human beings, making them to be like him. He created them male and female…’

This means that God created everyone in his own image-and that everyone is equal. If we are all equal in the eyes of God then we should not discriminate against anyone because we are all the same.

The love shown here is also Storage love as we

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