Intervention Strategies in the Classroom Essay examples

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Special education is no longer restricted to schools that cater for specific disabilities. Increasingly mainstream classrooms must cater for a diverse range of abilities and be inclusive of children with disabilities, therefore providing special education (Heward as cited on Pearson Prentice Hall, 2010). In catering for all children within a class, teachers also need to provide intervention as necessary. Intervention according to Heward (as cited on, 2011) intends to reduce, eliminate and/or limit the hurdles faced by students with disabilities that may prevent them from maximising their learning and becoming productive members of society. This essay will discuss how teachers can provide all three kinds of intervention; …show more content…
For example, in order to prevent or reduce behaviour disorders, a school may adopt a whole school behaviour management program. The idea behind the program would apply to all students, however it may also have a preventive effect on students who have behaviour disorders that have not yet been identified. Although the program may not eliminate all behaviour issues for these students, it can be seen as a first step in reducing the number of incidences and therefore a form of Preventive Intervention (, 2011).
In addition, for a child identified with a behaviour disorder, a whole school program may be finetuned to meet the individual needs of that student to prevent or reduce the number of individual behaviour incidences. Applying such preventive strategies will hopefully prevent the loss of time, energy and resources that may be needed to deal with behaviour incidences that could impact the learning of all students. It is important to acknowledge that prevention is more desirable than remediation (Gunning, 2010). However if early implementation of Preventive Intervention strategies have not taken place or if they have been unsuccessful, there are other forms of intervention that should be utilised.
Another form of intervention is Remedial Intervention. The purpose of Remedial Intervention is to assist students to eliminate or reduce the effects of their disability or difficulty. For example, a child with Dyslexia may benefit from multi

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