IOS7 Vs. Android Kit-Kat Essay

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The mobile application development especially that of the operating systems, has taken an ugly turn for both the Apple and the Android devices. Since Apple has come up with IOS 1.x (colloquially known as IOS 1 back in 2008), Google came up with the first iteration of its own operating system, the Android version 1.0 in the same year. It was just the beginning of the war which was going to rage on for the years to come.
2013 has been the year where the aspect of technology has gone through many upheavals. More focus has been put on mobile technology this year rather than emphasizing the personal desktops and laptops. This year has been the ideal platform for these tech giants to come up with the latest iteration of the mobile operating
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Introducing Control Center and Notifications
Control Center and Notifications are two of the things, which have its acquaintance more with the Android users. The user can access the quick access tools by swiping the Quick Access window from the bottom. The quick access tools such as WI-FI and Blue Tooth Access as well as Airplane mode and music player is found in this section. The control center also integrates a flashlight mode, which is an ideal tool in dire situations.
The Notification menu on the other hand gives a detailed notification on what exactly you would be doing today. It acts as the perfect reminder tool which intrudes into all aspects of life.
Adding Safari
One of the several additions to the IOS 7 is the latest iteration of Safari. The Safari nearly gets the same look and feel of the MAC OS X. It comes packed with a new filter for the Twitter users and it gives them the liberty while tweeting.
The user also gets access to the reading list where you will be able to go from one user to another. The user would be experiencing extreme flexibility of the browsers as well.
Apple's AirDrop
Apple's AirDrop has been an important app for file sharing developed by Apple. This file sharing app is already made compatible for iPhone 5, 4th generation iPad and iPad mini. This feature was originally a part of MAC OS X and it has been very useful for sharing pictures between friends.
Multitasking has always been a part of a windows

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