Essay on Is Studying Abroad Beneficial?

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There are many arguments for and against studying abroad. Studying abroad is a program in which students attend a school outside the United States and receive academic credit towards their major (New Mexico State University). Some even call it “partying abroad” because it’s a “waste of money and time”. But studying in another country for a year or even a semester can be very beneficial. You can gain perspective of global issues, advance your language skills, learn research methods and ethics, form valuable connections and grow as a person (Benefits of Studying Abroad). But if you’re not careful, you can end up having a hard time being in another country without your parents and with immense freedom, especially if you haven’t had much …show more content…
While you're studying abroad you're constantly learning, even if you're not trying to. By studying abroad, you can learn research methods and ethics. You can do research out in the field and learn all about good ethics. You'll learn what’s right and wrong while doing real studies on real people, not just looking things up on the internet or in books or having people tell you about research they've done. You can also have people tell you about the history of where you are or about themselves or their lives in person. It’s more likely for the information to be true if someone tells you it in person rather than reading it somewhere else. While you're in another country, you'll make lasting connections and new contacts. It is very likely for you to meet someone that is involved in the same field as you, especially while you're attending school. That person could connect you with people that could change your life with an amazing job. You could probably find someone important to get your career job while you're in the states, but there could be better, more exciting opportunities in other countries. But you wont just make business connections, you'll also make new friends. Friends are important and having ones all over the world would be amazing. Being so far away from everything you know can be a humbling experience. Having to live in other peoples shows for months can really change how you see things, especially if you're staying in a third world country.

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