IT Security Breaches Essay

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Business owners will go to amazing lengths to keep their workplace safe while completely overlooking their IT security and their multifunction devices. IT security breaches cost the average company $800,000 in 2009 (Tattrie, 2009). Those figures represent a 97 percent increase from 2008. The $800,000 includes labor lost when a breach freezes systems, cost of repairing the damage caused by the breach, and the cost of replacing the faulty security. That is quite a large sum that is also highly avoidable. Due to escalation in Internet use, the amount of computer security breaches that businesses have experienced in the last year has increased at a rapid rate. Breaches can come from external attacks as well as within the walls of a company. …show more content…
Hackers can enter your computer network by means of an internet connection that remains open when it is not being used. Hackers use other methods like e-mail spoofing and IP spoofing. E-mail spoofing involves sending authorized users of a network fraudulent e-mail from sources such as customers or someone else that the user would know and then tries to trick the user into revealing their password or other company secrets. IP spoofing involves an attacker faking their IP address so that the receiver thinks it is sent from a location that it is not actually from, which may cause some operating systems such as Windows to crash or lock up. Hackers can also shut down business computer systems by using a denial of service attack. In a denial of service attack the hacker showers a company’s internet site with thousands of messages so that no genuine message can get in or out (Security Attacks).

The most recent documented security risk reported on March 9, 2010 involves attackers controlling an un-patched flaw in Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. This attack occurs by using the flaw to install fake antivirus products and malicious back doors on victim’s computers. As of last week, security vendors reported 30,000 attacks per day and it

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