I’ve Got A Reason to Praise the Lord Essay

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Psalm 113

Christianity has its challenges. It places demands on us that set us apart from the rest of our world. The bible calls us a peculiar people, who navigate the challenge of living IN the world, without being OF the world. When we say ‘no’ to temptations that are enjoyed by the masses, we are labeled as self-righteous snobs, religious weirdoes, or worse. But we persevere, and we press toward that invisible line the Apostle Paul drew in the sands of time…for the high calling in Christ Jesus.

All of us have encountered someone in our lifetime – a family member, a co-worker, a neighbor, or an acquaintance – who asked us WHY? Why do we pour all of our talents, all of our gifts, and all of our service into church?
They make a
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He IS just because. And to prove His own Deity, when creation was just an idea in His beatific mind, He formulated the concept of a solar system to include the sun, the moon, the stars, and all the planets. The resulting flash of light was so breathtaking that He waved His Omniscient hand and ordered the universe to duplicate itself, from galaxy to galaxy.

Then standing in awe of His own handiwork, He ordered the beauty of the cosmos to multiply without end so that man’s inquisitive mind and insatiable curiosity would forever theorize and attempt to reconcile the impossible truth that a borderless, infinite universe could exist eternally.

No telescope ever manufactured, no satellite ever launched, no space station ever built, will be able to discover the density of matter, the total number of quasar communities, the content of nebulous gases, or that interstellar space never ends.

An infinite universe could not altogether gratify Him, so God snatched just one of a trillion planets, covered the hot metal core with water, rock and soil, then surrounded it with a mysterious and unique gas called air, placed it at precisely the right distance from the sun, and set it spinning, too rapid for the human eye’s detection, but slow enough to allow twenty-four hours in a day, so that the appearance of a rising and setting of His sun would be His glorious bookends to every one of His perfect days.

And finally, to demonstrate His

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