Essay about Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea

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Wide Sargasso Sea

The Creoles in Wide Sargasso Sea are outcasts. They live with a divided identity and distance from the world. After the death of Antoinette’s father their behavior nearly causes their entire world to crumble. The family suffers greatly due to their distance from the rest of the world. The purpose of this paper is to show you the family’s divided identities and how it effects their everyday life, along with the consequences that follow.
Antoinette, the main character and the daughter of ex-slave owners, is a far cry from rational and self-restrained. Antoinette is a sensitive and lonely young Creole girl who grows up without the love of her mother and peers friendship. Left mainly to her own devices as a child,
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He is pressured into marrying Antoinette, although he has only just met her and knows nothing of her family. He soon notices the mistake he made when they are on their honeymoon on one of the Windward Islands. In time, they move back to England, where Rochester locks his mad wife in an upstairs attic. In the novel he is the nameless maker and, as a white man, his power and privilege allow him to bestow identity on others. For example, he decides to rename his wife "Bertha" in an attempt to distance her from her outrageous mother. Later on, he takes away Antoinette's voice and refuses to listen to her side of stories. As he continues to break apart her individuality, he creates the new name of "Marionetta," which is a cruel joke that reflects Antoinette's doll-like plasticity. He eventually turns Antoinette into a crazed mad woman and treats her as a ghost. After having completely rejected his Creole wife and her native traditions, Rochester exaggerates his own cool, logical, and noticeably English justification; he declares his total English control over the Caribbean land and its citizens.
However, Rochester's narration in Part Two exposes that he and his estranged wife are actually more similar than he believed. Both characters are basically orphans because they were abandoned by their family members to care for themselves. Being the youngest

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