John Dewey and The Schoolhouse Experimentation Essay

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Of the teachers I have spoken with most have agreed that the common core has been rushed, with not enough time and/or money to adequately prepare. The goal was a noble one – to have the United States a global leader in education. But the curriculum was basically just dumped in the teacher’s laps. Testing the system in a select few school districts would have been a better way to gradually implement the new curriculum. John Dewey’s progressive thoughts on education influenced American educators and the Common Core proves that Dewey’s philosophy still penetrates the America’s school system. Dewey was in favor of “schoolhouse experimentation,” meaning that educators should continually reject old methods in favor of new ones.
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Achieve, one of the main organizations evaluating the Common Core, are strongly encouraging colleges and universities to revise their curricula to create a seamless transition from K–12 to postsecondary schools.
The Common School (mid 1800s) movement’s goal sounds a lot like the common core: to have a school that was attended in common by all children and in which a common political and social ideology was taught. While the common core does not teach a common political ideology per se, it is supported by the Obama administration. Any state which signed on could receive Race to the Top funding if they agreed to adopt college- ready standards. Everyone jumped at the chance at a piece of the $4 billion pie without really understanding what they were signing on for.
As the issue of Common Core began gaining traction among conservatives, the Republican National Committee succeeded in passing an anti-Common Core resolution in April 2013, saying it "recognizes the Common Core for what it is – an inappropriate overreach to standardize and control the education of our children so they will conform to a preconceived 'normal.'" The Tea Party has even gone so far

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