Julian's Sixteen Showings Essay

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This essay will look at chapters one to ten of Julian of Norwich’s Showings of Love. In Showings of Love, Julian describes the visions that she has on her deathbed and the “sixteen showings” of Christ’s passion that she develops from them. It will explore Julian’s visions and how she relates them to Christ’s love. This essay will also examine how Julian’s “sixteen showings” influence her understanding of the relationship between God and humanity.
Julian desired three graces to be gifted to her by God; “mind of the Christ’s passion”,” bodily sickness in youth at thirty years of age”, and “God’s gift three wounds”. Her belief was that if she was given these three graces she would be able to better understand God’s love and that she
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These wounds would cause her to detest sin, be compassionate, and to always want to be close to God.
When Julian turned thirty years of age she was bestowed with the bodily sickness that she desired from God, and it was so severe that she believed that she would die from it. During this time she was presented with visions, which she interpreted them as Christ’s love shown to humanity in “sixteen showings”. An example of one of these visions and its connection to Christ’s passion is in the first vision, this vision occurs while she is staring at the crucifix presented to her by the Curate. As she looks upon Christ with the crown of thorns, she begins to see fresh blood trickling down his face. She realises that the placing of the crown of thorns on Christ’s head represented the unity between God and man’s soul. This connection of God to man’s soul, allows humanity to realise the passion and love Christ had to give them that sacrifice. This is the first showing of Christ’s love and Passion for humanity.
Throughout the rest of the account of Julian’s sickness she describes each vision and how they represent a different showing of Christ’s passion. In Julian’s sixteen showings, God’s love is shown by how worshipful his followers are. She describes it as a sovereign relationship between God and humanity, “our lord is most worthy all sovereign being”, “our Lord

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