Justice Clarence Thomas Essay

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Justice Clarence Thomas was born in June 1948 and grew up in Georgia. He graduated at Yale Law School and served as the Assistant Attorney General in Missouri, practicing law in the private sector. In 1981 he was appointed Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education one year later, Justice Thomas was appointed Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by President Ronald Reagan. By 1991 Justice Thomas was nominated by Bush to fill Thurgood Marshall’s seat on the United States Supreme Court. For the past twenty years Justice Thomas has been serving on the U.S. Supreme Court. He is seen as one of the most conservative members of the court and is often described as an originalist. His judicial …show more content…
And United States v. Bajakajian, which held that an imposed fine regarding the Excessive Fines clause of the Eighth Amendment was unconstitutional. In most recent years Justice Clarence Thomas has been known for being silent during the most public part of a Supreme Court trail; the oral argument. While the other members of the court often interrupt each other and the presenting lawyers in order to ask their questions, for the past five years Justice Thomas has remained completely silent. In fact, previous to his five-year silence he has only asked an estimated eleven questions since being sworn in as a member of the High Court. Justice Thomas offers several reasons as to why he remains silent; a few being that he is shy and doesn’t like to speak in public, that he is simply being polite “If I invite you to argue your case, I should at least listen to you”(Liptak A1), and that it would be difficult to get a word in anyway because the oral arguments are already a circus. I can’t say that I blame Justice Clarence Thomas for being silent during the oral arguments. If I were a justice I think I would probably do the same, however I would like the chance to go back and ask my questions later. I think it is important for the presenting attorney to be able to say everything that they wanted to during the oral arguments, to me that is only fair. If every is continually

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