Kodak Gladly Presents Ektar 100 Color Film Essay

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One fine, beautiful day there was a little boy just waking up to realize that today was his birthday. He ran out of his bedroom and jumped on his mom’s bed screaming, “Wake up Mommy, today is my birthday!” So she slowly woke up thinking about the day ahead of her and suddenly everything she thought about was ruined. She forgot to buy a camera for her son’s birthday. This was not good because the party starts in a couple hours and how is she suppose to capture one of her son’s greatest moments in his life. She had to go grab a camera; she just had to even if she was late to her son’s birthday party. She hurried to the store and the only one left was the Kodak Professional with Ektar 100 film. She wanted to go cheaper, but this was the only …show more content…
The background is black; the flower is a hot pink. The black gives the flower an extra boost of excitement for the reader's eyes. The film box is one-fourth of the size of the flower, it is simple and small.
The main label of the film is Kodak Professional. The reader reads that statement and thinks that they want to be professional, so they must buy the Ektar 100 film; but buying the film really will not make anyone more professional. The photos might turn out really good, but they probably will not be as precise and crisp as the flower is portrayed. The film is probably really great and Kodak is a trusted brand for cameras and film. There are plenty of other types of film for cameras that probably work just as well. The producer wants the reader to think this film is extra special and very professional, so they will choose them instead of another brand. There are plenty of weasel words in this advertisement. In the beginning it states “World’s Finest Grain,” there are a lot of different types of grain and Kodak finding the finest grain is kind of absurd. They most likely did not send a team of scientists to find the finest grain to make their new film. It also says “Introducing New,” new is one of the most frequently used weasel words in the advertising world. They probably made one tiny adjustment to the old film and called it new. “Superb detail and brilliant

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