Late Night in Zion Essay

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Standing at the gates of the old city in Jerusalem I notice the limestone. Beyond this point every street, house, floor, ceiling, and stair is made of this pale stone. There is only one entry to go and come from the old city. It is at these gates I am standing. Where millions have driven, walked, and even fought through. I walk closer to the limestone and see just how torn up and abused this ancient stone really is. I remember the texture smooth but scarred with bullet holes, cannon marks, arrow dents and the occasional car mark from the current generation.
I see the transition from the floor being pavement and turning into the uneven limestone bricks, which made it impossible to wear heels. I step through this walkway knowing the only
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There are gigantic chunks of this holy limestone all over the ground with huge trenches between the wall and the exact spot I am standing.
After I mosey around this unique newly holy spot I make my way to the Western Wall. This isn't as easy as it seems. All I really remember to walking and seeing tons and tons of limestone underneath my blue boots. How could all these stones look the same but be so different. I continue my journey and finally reach the entrance to where I sneak a peak of the proudly flying bleach white and royal blue flag of Israel. The obstacle course was just beginning. In front of me stood a line longer then the highest record of the game snake. After waiting what seemed to be an hour I walked with my head held high through the security gates. There it was, what I have heard about for years. The, what they thought, last wall standing of the first temple. Wide-eyed and bushy tailed I step closer and closer to the women's portion. There were tons of people and I politely brushed my way towards the wall. In my hand was a tiny little yellow post-it I had written prays on and folded it until it was pill size. An inch away from the wall I take my hand place it on the stone, which millions have done before me. The first thing that comes out of my mouth is Shema Y'srael. Without thinking I am rambling on in Hebrew. I felt so alive. So connected to my religion, my people my G-d. After my prayers all I see this time looking closer

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