Leadership Assessment Essay

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Dictionary.com defines moral as “Founded on the fundamental principles of right conduct rather than on legalities, enactment, or custom: moral obligations.” Different theories have surfaced throughout the years to attempt to answer questions like, what are morals, what make some people have more conscious thought than others, and how do we acquire them. According to Estep & Kim (2010), the moral values have been separated into four moral definitions, “Psychoanalytical, Conditioning, Moral Potential, and Cognitive/Moral Reasoning.” These different types of moral reasoning helped Billy Graham to achieve, project and maintain the excellent Christian Leadership skills he exhibited throughout his life. Billy Graham saw leadership as a …show more content…
Billy’s greatest strength as a leader was his love for God and the people of God.
Myra (2005) said, “Billy saw how spiritual enthusiasm did not make you immune to greed, pride, lust, and ambition” (p. 53). The beginning of moral development stems from the knowledge that we have all sinned (Romans 3:23), and can be enticed to do wrong. Billy recognized this early in his career as a Christian Leader and chose to shun the appearance of evil. Post conventional morality according to Kohlberg’s level 3 (Estep & Kim, 2010, p. 128), places the decision to act in a moral way squarely on the shoulders of the individual. Moral values at the two levels prior to Kohlberg’s third were based on a person having moral values according to the need at the moment, and on laws, rules, and guidelines.
Billy’s inner values helped him to ready himself to confront temptations. Myra gave a quote of Richard Baxter that in essence said, if we know our weaknesses, and are aware that it comes from every direction, it will be easier to avoid falling into the trap. This is along the same lines as James telling us everyone is tempted and to know ourselves (James 1:14-15).
Billy did a lot of traveling away from family and friends, and could have engaged in all kinds of moral turpitude. Instead of engaging in immoral acts while on the road, he looked around and saw other ministries falling because of their

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