Leadership in the International Marketplace Essay

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Leadership in the International Marketplace

Question 1: Examine and comment on the factors that compelled Infosys to develop its own model for delivering IT services. Explain the working of GDM in detail. One main criteria for any company to develop its’ own internal or proprietary service is to differentiate itself from the competition. Many times, the reason behind the need to differentiate is due to customer requests. However, in the case with Infosys, not only were customer requirements of the service of importance, so was an extremely high level of customer service and anticipation of customer needs. The case presents Infosys as a very proactive organization, meeting customer needs and anticipating the next need before the
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Further, Infosys envisioned a ‘one stop shop’ service, whereby they could use their Body of Knowledge in a cost effective manner. Therefore, the primary factors driving their product were integrated use of internal resources to deliver exceptional performance for lower cost than competitors and customer adaptability to provide a customized level of responsiveness and service to each request. The GDM worked much like a Gantt chart (Gantt, 1910), where components of the project were laid out in a time and expertise needed program. Various resources were deployed at essential and critical times, providing just the right amount of service at the right place at the right time. Their model reflects the classic call center of today, where a bank of available resources are deployed depending on volume, smoothing the ups and downs of customer needs, or calls. Infosys provides an on-site bank, a near-site bank and an offshore bank; each highly specialized to deliver precise services. Finally, all of the banks are linked so as to support the rest of the team, draw upon highly skilled but cost conservative knowledge and skill and provide a level of customized service not available at any other provider.
Question 2: According to Nandan Nilekani, “The Global Delivery Model is a genuine business innovation that delivers superior value proposition at higher

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