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A couple of things stood out for me last class, those two things are the documentary Remember Africville (1991) presented by the National Film Board of Canada and the article The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house (1984) presented by Audre Lorde. As I sat in class I found myself to be bewildered for I had never heard of Africville in my short life – upon hearing it I had to think it must have happened over in Europe or perhaps Australia or was incorporated into a history that I felt I wouldn’t be knowledgeable about. When I found out it took place in Canada, I was shocked, I had never even heard of the place let alone did I have the knowledge that these kind of practices had taken place on the opposite coast of the …show more content…
A man in the film Remember Africville (NFBC, 1991) stated that they had their identity taken away from them with quotes such as “Didn’t know who we were” and “Just another number” Seeing the struggles that the residents of Africville went through reminded me of the same issues that First Nations people have had ever since being forced into residential schools and placed on reserves, taking them away from their own communities and placing them into a foreign concept, giving them that same feeling of isolation and the effects of having one’s identity stolen from them. To me it is important to know these things as a future social worker because as discussed in class, we are going to come across people from all different backgrounds that have faced oppressions that we can only begin to think of. As I could see from my perspective, I had no knowledge regarding the challenges the black community had faced in the Halifax region and had my belief that Canada treated the black community in a much more respectful and dignified way when looking at our USA counterparts. It’s important to learn these things in class, I know by learning I have become more informed of the challenges, discrimination, and oppression that some groups have had in Canada and as to why they may or have been struggling. It’s important for me to step out of my culture to be able to walk in the shoes of another and see that it as important as it is to bring equality it is

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