Life of Dave Essay

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He was very successful as the CEO of a huge events organizing company and living a luxurious life that he always wished for throughout college. He had everything that defines a good life. He had been a very hardworking student with an admirable character and many of his peers saw him as their role model. His parents were very proud of him and many of his peers were impressed with his hard work and success. This story is about the life of Dave, who after pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship became a successful entrepreneur as the owner of an international events organizing company. The story also narrates how the business empire he had labored for so long to create, came down crashing, fifteen years later.
When Dave was young, he had a
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His profits were very favorable and this enabled him to open offices in major cities.
Success was following Dave, and after two years, he got married to his college girlfriend in a very fancy church ceremony. To top his success, his wife delivered a set of twins which gave him more responsibility and an additional reason to expand his business. Several celebrities in the television industry who wanted him to coordinate their events approached him. Evento then diversified into video editing and shooting with each video shoot fetching more than $4000. Business was thriving for this young entrepreneur who was expanding so fast. Three years after its establishment; the company was now realizing $900000 in profits annually. Evento was an in-house name that was sought by everyone who wanted excellent work. The company had now grown to accommodate more than 20,000 employees spread in major states in the US. The Notre Dame graduate was going to be a success as he won many awards in recognition of his success. The company was realizing huge profit margins and served big names in the entertainment industry. Not only did the company support local markets but also got visits from the international scene. Nine years after its initiation, Evento was now open to branches in all parts of the world. International artistes were the main customers of the company who needed

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