Literary Analysis: "Inherit the Wind" Essay

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Can moral obligations be blinded by religious views? For some, the sense of religious pride reigns stronger than the moral belief. In the beginning, citizens of Hillsboro from the novel Inherit The Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, acknowledged religion as something far more valuable than the moral truth. As the novel continues the prosecuting attorney, Matthew Harrison Brady, enters the scene which reveals the prejudice of the courtroom regarding the case of Bertram Cates. When Brady takes on the challenge, the exposure of excessive pride and boasting of recent cases won can be seen as a certain Dramatic Personality Disorder from a medical standpoint. Throughout the novel, more symptoms of the disorder are revealed through Brady, …show more content…
Through physical evaluation, if the doctor cannot find any known symptoms, a health care professional who is qualified to help diagnose and treat medical illnesses will be recommended. A cure is not known for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, however, the professionals would use different methods of assessments to reveal what kind of personality disorder the patient may have and then treat it with counseling such as psychotherapy. Individuals who have the disorder may be an alcoholic while doing drugs, and depending on how severe each situation is the outlook for each people will vary. Unfortunately, there are no preventions that can be taken to avoid getting Narcissistic Personality Disorder. (Cleveland Clinic 1-2)
Known as a fundamentalist, Matthew Harrison Brady is a man who interprets the bible literally. From Chattanooga, Brady is a man who is always indulging “in the cheers and the excitement, like a patriarch surrounded by his children.” (Lawrence 8-18) Even with the positive attitudes towards Brady as Rachel Brown who sees the man as “the champion of/ ordinary people,” there are people like E. K. Hornbeck who sees the icon of religion for the citizens of Hillsboro as someone who “came here/ To find himself a stump to shout from.” (Lawrence 34) Brady’s true intentions and over confidence are affirmed when the comparison of Henry Drummond to Goliath is

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