Essay about Living Buddha, Living Christ Book Report

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Living Buddha, Living Christ has taught me the true meaning of Buddhism, and it demonstrates what the path to true enlightenment is. The following concepts have stood out to me, and they are ones that I relate to on a more personal level. Buddhism has perceptions that are not always seen by everyone, but they are concepts that are important for our own happiness. The first concept of Living Buddha, Living Christ that was the most important to me was the concept of mindfulness. Mindfulness was particularly interesting to me because it isn’t something that is thought of in daily life. It is a concept that you unconsciously think about, and you are never truly aware of what you are doing until you accept it. My favorite part of mindfulness …show more content…
There is no reason to rush through life, and it is important to touch all of the beauty around us. Although relating mindfulness to the Holy Spirit seems odd to think about, in reality it is very similar. It is to believe in something and to put all of your energy into something. For Christians, it is God. For Buddhists, it is within the present. Another concept in Living Buddha, Living Christ that was important to me was the idea of how the body relates to mindfulness. I never truly thought about the idea that my body was truly this amazing temple whose power is deep within. Breathing in and out to create calm and peace may be medically proven, but reading about it in a spiritual way opened my eyes to what it really does. After reading this chapter, I decided to breathe in and out in the way that the book says, and I felt calmer. I started to feel at peace with myself and focused on that moment. Although it does sound farfetched, the idea of eyes being able to touch into a deeper level of mindfulness was fascinating. This concept talks about how we are unaware of what is really going on, and if we stop to look at what is around us, we will see that we are truly in “paradise”. The idea of the body relating to mindfulness gave me a more clear understanding of what Buddhism means by inner self. Food is another concept within Living Buddha, Living Christ that was intriguing to me. I knew that certain religions focused on certain foods

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