Essay Logic as the Universal

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Logic as the Universal

The solutions I came up with in all three cases, although seemingly strong in one favor, had an underlying moderate position. Each solution to the case was deduced by carefully examining both sides of the argument. Furthermore, I evaluated the logic behind both perspectives and came up with the more compelling and rational settlement. In all three case studies, I used the principle of reasoning that implies the following: a) Logical argument, which includes supplying empirical evidence in support of one’s position. b) Logical consistency, which involves avoiding fallacies and making sure that one’s argument follows smoothly from one point to the next until it arrives at a logical conclusion. c) A certain
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In other words, at that point, they have decided to not have an abortion. Secondly, and most importantly, Isabel is tested and the baby is going to be healthy - completely normal. Thus, there will be no added difficulty in caring for the child and furthermore, the child will be well suited for the "present-day" conditions". That is something that prochoice advocates claim to be declaring as important. Therefore, does the minor gender difference that the couple comes to know by way of checking for abnormalities entitle them to abort the child? No, not even prochoice advocates could agree here. In fact, it makes the action more immoral especially since the child will be healthy and there sole basis for having an abortion is backed by a mere preference of healthy boy over healthy girl. ("Abortion", pp2-3) In the "Stealing" Case, I applied the principle of reasoning using this central argument: Preserving human life is far more important than property rights. This is consistent with the abortion cases in that life takes the highest precedence. Without human life there can be no goodness or badness, justice or injustice, honesty or dishonesty, freedom or lack of it. (Thiroux, p162) Furthermore, this notion of life being held in the highest regard takes priority over any other principle or moral reasoning; in the particular case of "Stealing", it would be life over property

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