Malcolm X Civil Rights Activist Essay

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Malcolm X was the leader of the Afro-American Unity. The Afro-American Unity was an organization that fought for black rights by using the armed forces as self-defense. They also used riots and violence to fight for their equality rights. Malcolm was also a big influence on the Black Panther Party. The Black Panther Party was established by Huey P. Newton, but said that Malcolm was a big influence on him to start the organization. They liked to use a lot of Malcolm’s speeches, and quote them for their slogans. Malcolm X had a big impact on the Civil Rights Movement altogether.
Malcolm X’s real name was Malcolm Little, and he was born on May 19, 1925. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska. His mother’s name was Louis Norton Little. She was a
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In 1946 Malcolm X was tried and convicted of burglary charges, and was sent to prison. While in prison, he studied and learned the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, who was the leader of Islam. Some of the things that Malcolm learned from Elijah were that the people that were descendants of Americans were devils. Malcolm said that Elijah was one of his biggest inspirations. And after educating himself for a while, he started calling himself Malcolm X, instead of Malcolm Little. The X stood for the identity that got taken away from him being an African American during slavery and discrimination. He was in prison for six years before they finally released him. That is when he moved to Harlem, New York. While in New York he became a minister of the Nation of Islam.
Malcolm X was a black civil rights activist. He used a lot of violence to try and get the African Americans equal rights. The tactics that Malcolm liked to use to get his point across was starting riots and giving very intense speeches promoting violent behavior to stop racism. He would say in his speeches that the violence that they used in the riots was just self-defense against the white man. He would refer to the American constitution, saying that every American has the right to bear arms. He would also say that they should not have to give up their rights just for being another color. Malcolm would say that they would stay a defenseless race if they didn’t stand

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