Management at Baxter Healthcare Essay

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Management at Baxter Healthcare

Organization is a big management function at Baxter Healthcare. It takes a tremendous amount of organizing to run a successful organization year in and year out. There are many branches of the organizing function of management that are used in daily, monthly, and yearly activities. For the management of my organization, organizing is as critical aspect of planning for the present and future as any. In this paper I will discuss the importance of knowledge and technology in the organizing aspect of my organization and how they play a role in current and future activities.

Organizing is defined as the assembling and coordinating the human, financial, physical, informational, and other
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This is a tremendous help to identify personnel you might not be familiar with, but have an idea of who they are associated within the organization. Knowledge is an extremely important branch of the organizing function of management and when properly obtained it can build success for years on down the line. Knowledge is not only key to all management when organizing, but a key for the entire organization.

Technology has affected the organizing function of management almost on a daily basis. Technology is changing so rapidly that management has to be very flexible in their daily activities. When management takes technology into consideration they have think about the future which can be a very difficult task. Technology affects my organization in the organizing function in a big way. It definitely keeps us as an organization on our toes of what is next and if we can find it before our competitors. A great example I can give is at the end of the third quarter Baxter will release a wireless infusion pump that will be able to communicate with the hospital’s computers to download patient history, view an existing patient’s prescription, and provide many other functions to make the hospitals more versatile in delivering what the patient needs. This function has been in the organizing process for a little over a year and with the help of added software to the pump it should be a

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