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Norma Jeane Mortenson Everyone's heard of the stereotype; blonde bombshell. Well no better woman to fit those shoes then the world famous Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe, was born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1, 1926, in a Los Angeles General Hospital to Gladys Mortenson. Her birth certificate lists her father as unknown, and for the duration of her life he will stay unknown. Due to her mother's unstable mental health, and the fact that she was not married at the time Norma Jeane was sent to live in foster care (The Mmm Girl). Foster care was the only home life she had for her first seven years of life. She lived under the care of Albert and Ida Bolender. They were a very religious and strict family. Whenever she spoke of her …show more content…
Jim was five years older then her and Grace encouraged the courtship and then set up the wedding process. The marriage between Norma Jeane and Jim took place June 19, 1942 (Wikipedia). The young bride worked in a factory inspecting parachutes for the war effort while her husband was sent overseas for the Marines. In 1944 while at work, she was photographed by David Conover. The photographs were to show the women's contribution to the war effort. After taking those photos, David asked her if he could take more pictures of her (The Mmm Girl).
In the late spring of 1945 she was known as the photographers dream. Norma immediately began to be seen on the covers of 33 different national magazines. Her modeling career brought about the first of her many divorces when her husband returned home. Fall of 1946 Jim and Norma became divorced. While speaking of her divorce she stated that they hardly spoke, and not because they were mad at each other but because they had nothing to say, and she was extremely bored with him (The Mmm Girl).
July 23, 1946 brought about a new revelation for Norma. She signed a contract with 20th Century Fox, and started to launch her movie career. After this day she was known as Miss Marilyn Monroe to the world. She got the name Monroe from her mother's family. This is also the year that she sang her first song in

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