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According to the U.S. Census Bureau as of 2009, there are approximately 6 million people who live in the state of Indiana, of which 891,000 live in Marion County. Of these 891,000 county residents, approximately 67 percent are white, 26 percent are black and 7 percent are Latino/Hispanic. Because of these figures, central Indianapolis is home to a wide variety of neighborhoods. Some of these neighborhoods have been constant in their use and appearance others have gone through gentrification or reuse. I hope my description of a small part of Marion County will provide you with snapshot of the socio-economic differences that exist within this particular area.
Today Haughville is referred to as the “historically black neighborhood”.
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The people living there were building something and felt sense of value in what they were doing. Now, the current industrial climate has had a drastic detremental affect in this neighborhood, where within the area there seems to be little opportunity for work. But for some, a look from their doorsteps and they can see the cranes on the IUPUI campus, or the new shiny blue glass tower of the Marriott hotel. These are a few places in downtown Indianapolis new construction is taking place.
An area in contrast to Haughville is the Meridian Kessler area. This is an old neighborhood that has stayed constant throughout the years. Starting in the early 1900’s homes was built by the wealthy or upper middle class. As you drive up Meridian just north of 38th street you cannot help but see the mature trees, long driveways and grand homes with interesting architecture. A few “Home for Sale” signs are present, but mostly there are signs of contractors refurbishing houses. Street lights are lit showing well groomed large lawns. A majority of homes boast security signs warning any potential intruders. One thing I did not see on this part of Meridian was a bus stop.
The Meridian Kessler is perfect example of the conflict perspective. Economics and capitalism are successfully at work. This area boasts of paying the largest percentage of

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