Essay on Martin Eden, by John London

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Jack London, born in the last quarter of the nineteenth century to Flora Wellman, is among the many prolific writers from the United States of America who possess great artistic works ranging from great time novels ,short stories, plays just to mention but a few. He is fondly remembered for his great novel ‘Martin Eden’ published in 1909. In the novel he tries to express the challenges faced by young writers who try to exploit their talent and passion in an area where little opportunities present themselves. This novel has stood the test of time with its relevance evident to date. It is a favorite to many young upcoming writers thus the main aim for writing this paper is to focus on the autobiographical elements of Jack
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At some point he finds himself baffled as quoted, "The one opened the door with a latch-key and went in, followed by a young fellow who awkwardly removed his cap. He wore rough clothes that smacked of the sea, and he was manifestly out of place in the spacious hall in which he found himself. He did not know what to do with his cap, and was stuffing it into his coat pocket when the other took it from him. The act was done quietly and naturally, and the awkward young fellow appreciated it. 'He understands,' was his thought. 'He'll see me through all right” (London, 1).
As a character in the novel ‘Martin Eden‘, Jack London portrays how rocky, steep and rough the prime road to his career was in a time where success through individual hard work was unimaginable. Because of societal mythology, success through individual hard work was impossible. Martin went to the extent of loosing his fiancée after she had lost faith in his efforts and resolved to break up with him; little did she know his future would be bright someday. This reflects London’s life as the main character in the novel ‘Martin Eden’.
From the context of the novel, autobiographical Ideas are represented clearly as the author tries to express his sentiments through a literal style of first person narration. He achieves this by using the character ‘Martin Eden’. This element of autobiography is emphasized in the discussion that Martin Eden has with his fiancée Ruth Morse in

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