Marxist Human Nature and Society Essay

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For Karl Marx human nature is a reflection of the society that they are a part of. It’s a product of the influencing relationships between a human’s consciousness (their psychology), the material world, and society. These three things produce our nature within society, but we also have a basic species nature. Our basic nature, or our species nature, is more important to Marx than our individual nature. Marx’s belief of our nature leads him to believe that communism is the most beneficial society for us to exist in.
If humans were living in a state of nature, according to Marx, are naturally drawn to one another because our collective nature is more important than our individual nature. In living in nature and trying to survive we are
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When needs are met new needs replace them. “As soon as a need is satisfied […] new needs are made; and this production of new needs is the first historical act.” (272) This leads to the first historical act called Asiatic because humans are continually gaining new needs which leads to a need for more production. One person only has so much time to produce goods so that leads to a division of labor. Division of labor maximizes the goods that can be produced for the whole community. Once division of labor has been created it, in turn leads towards society. This shows that our nature as humans to produce and because we are drawn to one another it only follows that we will develop society. “But natural science has invaded and transformed human life all the more practically through the medium of industry.” (267) Our natural propensities transform our lives through a natural progression towards industry because with the more we produce the more labor needs to be divided and more things need to be regulated.
It is the society that we end up developing will in turn shape us. “Hence nature as it develops through industry, even though in an estranged form, is true anthropological nature.” (267) While we may be estranged from nature because of the society we end up creating may pit us against one another, give unfair advantages, and favor the wealthy, it is still a true nature because it is our

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