Mass and Social Media Desensitization Essay example

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Are we entering the age of desensitization, or are we already in it? Have kids been abandoning traditional toys such as and board games for handheld electronic devices and video game consoles? More importantly, have kids been desensitized, and are they more likely to spend time in front of a screen as opposed to being outside and exploring their boundaries? Many parents often overlook this situation and consider it as a mild misunderstanding. But have they been desensitized? Author Diane Levin suggests that, “people who are ‘good parents’ are completely desensitized by the violence they’ve been exposed to and are thus unable to foresee that violent movies and toys could lead to their own children to violence.” Violent media can easily …show more content…
The effects range from apathy or desensitization to violence, to aggression and a “mean world syndrome” in which adults and children come to believe that real life is as danger filled as an episode of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. “We like violent media because it’s an image of us. We are violent.” says pediatrician Luisa C. Stigol who organizes medical conferences that focus on media violence as a public health issue. The health and well-being in the youth of today is a topic many people should be focusing on. Not just physical health, but mental as well. “Kids who are heavily involved in gaming have no ability to sit still, no patience. School is not fast enough for them,” suggests Cheryl Hirshman, who teaches elementary school in Lincoln and has led graduate programs at wheelock college on media literacy. “There are always those few that are very obsessed. You can see a difference in the way they participate, their attention towards focusing on one thing seems to dwindle.” says Hirshman. Dr. John Murray from the Center on Media and Child Health at Children’s hospital in Boston uses MRI technology to map the brains of children as they experience violent media images. Through extensive analyzation on the brain of a child being entertained, he found out that the violent images were being preserved in the

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