Medical Experiments During the Holocaust Essay

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Medical Experiments
In the late 1930s, the United States became involved World War II. This was one of the most memorable wars involving the U. S. Many countries fought for and against the U. S. throughout the few years of hardship. After the Soviet Union became neutral, Germany invaded Poland September 1, 1939 marking the beginning of WWII. Only a couple days later, Britain and France declared war on Germany, and within days, Poland was defeated and portioned between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. (World War II In Europe, 2013).During this time, Adolf Hitler had become the leader of the Nazi Party and was the most influential voice in the organization (Wistrich, 2014). After World War I, Hitler became angry that Germany lost and
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He performed both physical and psychological experiments, experiments with no anesthesia, and blood transfusions from one twin to the other, isolation endurance, and reactions to various stimuli (Gutman & Berenbaum, 1994). Dental experiments were done on twins and plasters cast were made of their jaws (Josef Mengele, Angel of Death, 2014). These were the least frightening things the people experienced. Mengele once supervised a surgery where twins were sewn together in an attempt to make Siamese twins. The hands of the children became horribly infected. The twins were killed after the experiments were over. One night while at the concentration camps, Mengele gathered 14 twins and injected chloroform into their hearts, killing them instantaneously. He then dissected the bodies noting every piece of the information (Josef Mengele, Angel of Death, 2014). Of the 1,000 twins that were used, 200 survived (The Ethics of Using Medical Data From Nazi Experiments, 2010).
Although they got the attention of many, twins were not the only people being experimented on. Prisoners from the concentration camps were used to try to find more efficient ways to solve some of the problems that the German soldiers often came into contact with while in battle. One of the reccurring problems that needed a solution was that aircraft would often become too damaged for the crew to safely parachute from. The experiment was conducted by the German Air Force and from the German Experimental

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